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    "Hundreds of millions of consumers are being bombarded with new products, manufacturers and bad actor supply chains."

    -Arian Roman, Founder & CEO

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    Supply chain management technology was created in the 1980's to help manufacturers manage local operations

    Supply chain management software (SCMS) is used by organizations to manage and optimize supplier sourcing, production planning, inventory planning, transportation planning, and demand planning. Technology companies began developing SCM, inventory management systems (IMS), and material requirements planning (MRP) systems in the 80's and 90's to provide manufacturers with better tools for managing company operations. By 2014, as many SCMS technologies shifted to cloud-based SaaS platforms, adoption soared. SCMS had become a staple technology for independent manufacturers.


    By the 2000's, supply chains were rapidly becoming more global & decentralized

    Throughout the 2000's supply chain complexity grew. Manufacturers began to source an overwhelming volume of supplies and raw materials from global resources - increasing the need for transparency, information sharing, fraud protection and cybersecurity. The vitamin industry soared during this time as well, creating the need for more insight into farming practices, crop genetics, and how consumers were using and reacting to the products they consumed. Supply chains became more decentralized, demanding solutions to protect IP for independent participants while connecting thousands of data points.


    Supply chain management needs began to expand beyond traditional manufacturing to public health

    During the same time, supply chain management needs expanded beyond traditional manufacturing into entire ecosystems, such as public health. Resource management, tracking & tracing, protected data, and secure communication tools became critical for countries, agencies, and communities to manage infectious disease outbreaks and public health emergencies.


    New tools were needed to connect next-generation supply chains

    Traditional supply chain management software could not connect, query, notify, and enable communication & analytics across these global manufacturing and public health supply chains while protecting consumer data and intellectual property across hundreds of thousands of participants. Regulators & manufacturers needed new tools to assist in quality oversight of newly developed products and diagnostic tests. Research & academic institutions needed systems from which they could de-identify participant data and amalgamate information from which to advance the development of optimized products, vaccines, medicines and diagnostics.


    We started by developing robust technology to connect next-generation supply chains

    Instead of trying to re-create SCMS technology, we developed a platform that easily connects to the great systems that already exist. In manufacturing operations, this means we plug into IMS & MRP systems used to manage internal operations. In healthcare provider settings, this means we only do the things that the laboratory information system (LIMS), electronic health record (EHR), and patient portal do not - like manage chain-of-custody data, result data, syndromic surveillance data, and contact tracing data in a protected, queryable database for the public health management of COVID-19. We developed a technology that can be used securely by governments, regulators, manufacturers, distributors, raw material suppliers, healthcare providers, patients and consumers for just those elements of operations that aren't served by existing systems, and that relate to public health.


    We then placed our focus on health

    Alysida Health was born out of an urgent need for hundreds of millions of consumers who are being bombarded with new products, manufacturers and bad actor supply chains. This is especially important when we think about topicals, cosmetics, and consumables containing phytochemical or adaptogenic compounds. It's equally important during public health crises' for the management of infectious diseases. We are a company born of scientists, so we like finding ways to do things better. We are disrupting the way the $380 billion dollar nutraceutical industry designs and produces products so that we can revolutionize the way people take ownership over their health and wellness. Our novel Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG 4.0) and Infectious Disease Management (IDM) platforms enable transparency, protect data across decentralized owners, and provide robust tracking, tracing & analytics.


    ...and started threading data back to where the product started

    As the health and wellness industry continues to grow, we see rapid movement of manufacturing and raw materials production into opportunity zones and LDCs for tax and capital gains incentives and reduced labor and production costs. We set out to develop a platform for connecting the common biological, environmental, and lifestyle/experiential threads that connect our experiences with products, and biopharmaceuticals to the entire supply chain. This would ensure that all stakeholders had a way to communicate, vet, and share data in a protected, cost-effective and efficient way. We are enabling supply chains to share real-world and real-time experiences comprised of complex compound and multi-omic data so we can build better products while also building a public health infrastructure - protecting at-risk communities and protecting safe and equitable access to wellness


    MyCannaTM is short for My Cannabinoid system

    Products and therapeutics across verticals tap into the power of our endocannabinoid systems (ECS) via interactions with biopharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and adaptogenic herbs. These interactions affect our personalized health factors such as inflammation, immunity, sleep, pain, and the female reproductive system. Our technology platform bridges supply chain management and the science of the ECS.

  • Our Team

    Arian Roman

    Founder & CEO

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Stanford University

    Specialty: Molecular Biology


    Former Chief Science Officer for 3 leading nutraceutical brands, recipient of numerous product innovation awards

    Travis Skolrud, MBA

    Founder & CFO

    University of Montana | Brandman University

    Specialty: Finance | Human Resources



    Experienced healthcare director across roles in finance, human resources, organizational development, & operations

    Cynthia Heinz, MBA

    Chief Operating Officer

    Texas A&M University | University of Texas

    Specialty: Healthcare Operations



    Former HealthTech founder, BioConnetiX. Seasoned healthcare executive in roles across oncology, molecular pathology & laboratory

    Aaron Rosado

    Chief Technology Officer

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Georgia Tech

    Emory University


    MD, PhD Scholar at Georgia Tech & Emory University focusing on applications in immunology and bioengineering

    Zhalisa Clarke, MBA

    Systems Operations

    Harvard Business School
    Specialty: Product Development


    Skilled product development and marketing expert in Fortune 500 arena across roles with Bain, Citi, Amex

    William Clark

    Global Agriculture Relations

    Southern Methodist University

    Specialty: Economics



    Former founder of EdTech start-up that provided over 2 million study guides to students worldwide

    Adriano Mungioli

    US Agriculture Relations

    Specialty: Fintech operations




    Former fintech founder with owner/operator experience in vertically integrated nutraceutical operations

    Sohila Zadran, PhD

    Product Incubation

    California Institute of Technology

    Univ of Southern California | Univ of California, Berkeley

    Specialty: Neuroscience


    Biotech and digital health founder of 3 companies in partnership with the California Institute of Quantitative Biology (qb3) & the Johnson and Johnson Innovation Centers (Janssen Labs)

  • Our Advisors

    Kelechi Nwosu


    MD, PhD Scholar at Georgia Tech & Emory University focusing on applications in immunology and bioengineering.

    Dr. Manu Platt


    Associate Professor at Georgia Tech, drives applications & research in sickle cell, HIV, cardiovascular disease, oncology, and infectious diseases, including COVID-19. Biological Engineering Fellowship (MIT)

    Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering (Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University)

    Dr. Ajintha Pathmanathan


    A physician innovator with 20+ years experience in medicine across the UK, Australia, and US healthcare systems who is passionate about health technology innovations across medical devices, drug discovery and digital health.

    Mariana Danilovic


    Head of Global Acceleration Network focused on applying blockchain technology and disruptive growth strategies to entertainment, digital media, AR/VR, and AI-focused ventures. Mariana is an expert negotiator and has served as chief revenue officer across multiple startups and later stage companies.

    Cassi Konopasek

    Business Development

    Co-Founder & Partner in multiple venture-backed startups, Cassi Konopasek advises tech companies and blockchain platforms in cannabis, music, and fintech. Her background, comprised of medical startups, research, nonprofits, and real estate, offers her a well-rounded perspective of the economic influence of blockchain technology and emerging markets.

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