• Use Cases, Pilots & Case Studies

    Applications across multiple industries & stakeholder groups

  • Use Cases, Pilots & Case Studies

    Applications across multiple industries & stakeholder groups

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    Women's Health | Feminine Hygiene Products | Skin Care | Topical Nutraceuticals | Nutraceutical Supplements | Adaptogenic Supplements

    COVID-19 & Infectious Disease Management | Agriculture


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    TRACKING & TRACING. Tracking Management, Reporting, Secure Queries & Tracing Management

    COMMUNICATION. Notifications & Data Transmission

    QUALITY. Quality Control | Authentication | Fraud Protection

    PERFORMANCE. Supply Chain Intelligence | Operations Intelligence | Distribution Channel Intelligence | Sales Intelligence

    RESOURCE AVAILABILITY. Capacity & Resource Management

    TRANSPARENCY. Product Transparency | Product Biography | Product Science

    FEEDBACK. Customer Intelligence | Product Optimization | Healthcare Personalization

    R&D. | Custom Data Lake | Data Intelligence | Research & Development


    Purpose: Product R&D
    Industry: Women's Health

    Company: FemPatch

    Launched through an academic partnership with the UCSF Institute of Quantitative Biosciences (QB3) accelerator, FemPatch develops eco-friendly and nutraceutical-infused feminine hygiene products. FemPatch is leveraging Alysida technology to advance supply-chain transparency, track & track products from development through launch, and rapidly optimize products through robust intelligence across sales channels and direct customer inputs.

    Purpose: Customer Feedback Loop

    Industry: Nutraceutical Manufacturing
    Company: Kush Queen

    CBD infused wellness...

    Case Study | in process

    Purpose: Public Health COVID Test Management Solutions

    Customer: Government
    Study: Puerto Rico Airport

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    Use Case
    Diagnostic Laboratory

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    Purpose: Adaptogenic R&D
    Industry: Translational Medicine

    Company: _____

    Adaptogenic farm pilot details...

    Pending Pilot

    Purpose: Advancing Technology Adoption in LDC's
    Industry: Farming & Agriculture

    Company: TruOrganica Farms

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    Use Case

    Purpose: Export Tracking & Tracing
    Industry: Farming & Agriculture

    Customer: Government of South Africa

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