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    Supply Chain Tracking, Tracing & Health Intelligence


  • We Believe

    that the story of every product should be shared from birth

    We Believe

    consumers should have confidence in the science & raw materials of health products

    We Believe

    consumers should own their own health data & direct how it is used

    The companies, countries & consumers we work with believe the same

  • At Alysida Health, we are revolutionizing the way
    products and health are managed

    Our advanced track & trace technology connects, secures & protects decentralized data to drive capabilities in public health


    Track Decentralized Supply Chain

    Transactions within Protected Ledger


    Trace Chain-of-Custody Data

    & Manage Critical Notifications


    Assure Quality & Performance

    Authenticate Products & Raw Materials


    Optimize Research

    & Product Development


    Connect Data

    & Protect Intellectual Property


    Improve Outcomes

    & Public Health

  • We serve supply chains across

    nutraceuticals, biopharmaceuticals & public health

    Smart QR Codes for Smart Supply Chain Management

    We make it easy to follow GMP Guidelines & comply with HIPAA Regulations

  • Why Track? Why Trace?

    Clear chain-of-custody tracking is the cornerstone of product safety.

    Tracing is critical to identify & respond to problems along complex supply chains.

    Farmers & Raw Materials Suppliers

    Print Smart Plant Tags for regulatory management; safely store and manage licenses, permits, harvest certificates, & COA's; provide verified, comprehensive, data to processors & regulators; document all handoffs in a secure; traceable ledger; use optimization tools & reports to manage sales & improve performance

    Socially Responsible Manufacturers

    Use Smart Product Codes to enable feedback loops with consumers, enhance supply chain transparency across distribution networks, and provide authenticity assurance to purchasers

    We make it easy for manufacturers to follow GMP Guidelines & comply with HIPAA Regulations

    Product Developers & Researchers

    Distill deep insight from data that can be used to enhance the quality, timeliness, & security of health


    Connect, protect and transmit critical data for the management of public health

    We make it easy for governments to make confident purchase decisions, manage issues and communication during times of crisis, and assure quality exports


    Seed-to-sale track & trace technology for compliance and quality assurance

    We make it easy for regulators to establish and advance new policies & monitor product performance

    Consumers & Patients

    Make informed decisions about products. Scan a MyCanna package label to see the origin & story of a product; track personal health responses to products; and choose interactions with product developers, scientists, and research teams.


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