• Included Services within the

    CPG 4.0 Supply Chain Management & Health Technology Application

    Application Pricing: Tiered unit-based pricing per unique printed QR code

    Fraud-Resistant QR Codes

    Pricing based on quantity of printed security codes, parent-child tier, & stakeholder role in supply chain

    Consumer Application*

    *Optional. If customer wants to engage the customer feedback loop, the customer is charged a one-time fee for each unique customer that scans & engages with a unique product.

    QR Code Scans

    Unlimited QR code scans throughout your supply chain

    Product Biographies

    Information Sharing: Product Science, Journey, Participants & People Stories

    Supply Chain Tracking

    See where anything is or was in the supply chain

    Supply Chain Queries & Tracing

    Identify subsets of data, products &/or participations from trait-based queries

    Supply Chain Notifications

    Standard notifications to subsets of stakeholders in your supply chain

    Peer-to-Peer Messaging

    Secure messaging to any individual within your supply chain

    Supply Chain Transparency

    Customize transparency options across supply chain stakeholders & customers

    Information Sharing - Corporate Social Responsibility

    Customize sharing of product supply and quality information with customers

  • Custom Modules available for

    Public Health, Regulatory & Government Customers

    Contact Us for Pricing

    Compliance & Quality Reporting

    Enable 3rd party quality oversight or standardized compliance reporting across decentralized networks

    Data Aggregation Toolkit

    Aggregate critical data from decentralized parties for government, military & public health (ensures IP protection, data ownership & data security)

    Protected Queries & Messaging for Public Health

    Built-in protections for the transmission of personal health information

    Supply Chain Tracking & Tracing for Public Health

    Query decentralized datasets from supply chain participants to identify, notify & manage affected subgroups of products, reagents, test kits, & suppliers

    Chain-of-Custody Management for Public Health

    Query decentralized chain-of-custody data to identify, notify & manage affected patients for the management and protection of public health

    Standardized, Protected Data Feeds

    Enable rapid digitization, standardization & reporting of critical data for the management & protection of public health and the management of contact tracing effforts (ex: test results, epidemiological data)

  • Custom Modules available to

    All Customers

    Contact Us for Pricing

    Custom Data Fields

    Build custom datasets for customer feedback, patient health information, data collection, quality metrics, syndromic surveillance, or research

    Custom Data Collection at Point-of-Scan

    Automate required data inputs at any point along your supply chain

    Custom Automations

    Build custom automations to reduce error and optimize cost

    Custom Algorithms

    Customize analytics with advanced analytics

    Custom Reports

    Customize & automate reporting

    Custom Dashboards & User Interfaces

    Customize dashboards or interfaces for unique stakeholders in your supply chain

    Quality Control & Performance Optimization

    Detect quality deviations from off-sight users & detect risk-prone points in delivery to optimize processes & products

    Custom KPI's

    Customize KPI's & automate data capture from operational, performance and supply chain data

    Custom Hypothesis Engine

    Customize a hypothesis engine from which to run research and test hypotheses

    Data Overlay Toolkit

    Add data overlay capabilities from which to run analytics and hypotheses

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